Flowers of Thailand – Chiang Mai Tong Gwow


When someone says Chiang Mai it makes me consider newspaper umbrellas, elephants, spas and orchids. At the close of the cool season there’s a spontaneous explosion of colour at the trees around the city that attracts so much joy into the natives and visitors alike. Many people even find that it gives them the strength to endure the beginning of the hot season that it symbolises. If Chiangmai was to possess a fresh emblem, it are the pictures of 2 fantastic stately trees that blossom in around the time of season: the Ngiew, having its own orange and reddish flowers, and the Tong Gwow having its milder, yellowish and orange blossoms.

Tong Gwow:
This Tong Gwow shrub is especially well-known and has attracted such names like Bastard Teak and Forest Flame. It is the sign of the area university since it promotes strength, sturdiness and also beauty. It’s really a deciduous tree with a crooked back that may mature to 4-5 feet. The students of the university have an expression that when the first blossoms start to appear it is time to start มรภ.สวนสุนันทา analyzing, so means that it’s nearly the time of season for final exams! The fresh fruit it bears is about 5cm long and oblong shaped, usually curved, and covered with thick although very short glossy soft hairs. This fruit gives us exactly the gum known as Bengal Kino. The Amari Rincome hotel is famous for having one of those trees within their premises plus so they termed their barbecue area after it!

The tree yields a softwood which is only good for pond panelling wall because it tends to shrink. Its bark is employed as cure for diarrhoea. Its blossoms can be used, this time for as a colour dye and also to produce medication for esophageal stimulation and rest from fever. The seeds could be employed to treat worms and last but not least, the foliage can be utilised as a skin treatment, to help heartburn.

In the end, the Tong Gwow shrub is kept in very substantial respect and is an extremely auspicious symbol that ought to be planted wherever possible to bring decent luck and fortune.

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